declan bright

The Box

The Box is my place for various experiments, proof of concepts etc which don't really fit anywhere else.

Random Stuff

Queens University Belfast, Two-Stroke Engines and Motorcycle Grand Prix Racing Legends


Arduino Diecimila Control heating and lighting with an Arduino
The aim of this project is to remotely control the heating and some of the lighting in my house. The Arduino is a flexible platform for building basic electronics projects. One of its strengths is that there are numerous circuit boards which can be mounted onto the Arduino to extend its functionality.
The Ethernet Shield from is one of several boards which allow you to connect an Arduino to a network.

Daisy MP3 player

Daisy MP3 Player This is the first electronics kit I got from Make magazine. Its not quite small enough to carry around in your pocket but thats not really the point, its about getting a PCB and a bag of parts and creating a working MP3 player.
The player could easily be added to another project or controlled by an Arduino. The soldering is relatively easy although a finely pointed soldering iron is required for the VS1011 MP3 decoder chip.