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GIMP Vignette Plugin

GIMP Vignette Plugin

About the Plugin

According to Wikipedia the definition of vignetting is a reduction of an image's brightness or saturation at the periphery compared to the image center. It is often an undesireable effect in photography caused by camera or lens limitations but it is sometimes purposely introduced for creative effect, such as to draw attention to the center of the image and it can highlight the subject of a portrait photograph.

There are other vignetting plugins available for GIMP but I couldn't find one that worked with GIMP 2.8 so I decided to create one which would replicate the manual process that I had been using for some time.


Download and rename the file to


The plugin is a Python script in a file called, to install the plugin you will need to copy the file to one of the GIMP plugin folders on your system.
In GIMP, navigate to the "Edit/Preferences" dialog, expand "Folders" and select "Plug-Ins", the plugin folders are listed on the right hand side.
Copy the script to one of these folders (On UNIX based systems, ensure that the script has executable permissions: chmod +x
Restart GIMP and you should have a new menu option at "Filters/Light and Shadow/Vignette..."

Using the Plugin

To use the plugin, select the area of the image which encompasses the main subject, you can use any of the selection tools in the toolbox, open the plugin, adjust the parameters as required and click OK. The vignette is created on a new layer so it will not affect any existing layers. The opacity of the vignette layer can also be adjusted afterwards if required. If you do not select an area before running the plugin a default selection will be created for you.


This is an example of a vignette being applied based on a selection:

Gimp Vignette Plugin Example - Before Gimp Vignette Plugin Example - Selection Gimp Vignette Plugin Example - After
The 1st image is the original, the 2nd image shows the selection made with the "Free Select Tool" and the 3rd image shows the result of applying a vignette with the plugin.
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