declan bright

Software Architecture

Threat Modelling Attribute Driven Design with Threat Modelling
Incorporate Threat Modelling into the software design process.

Attribute Driven Design in Software Architecture
A light-weight, structured approach to software design.

ArchiMate The ArchiMate Series
A series of articles on the ArchiMate modelling language.

What to expect when you become a Software Architect
Some notes from my own experience on moving to a software architect position.

IASA IT Architect Body of Knowledge
The capability guidebook from IASA is an industry reference model for IT architecture skills and competencies. I have contributed the following sections:

Work Practices

R&D Sprints Software Research & Development Sprints
An approach for investigating new technologies, frameworks, methodologies and patterns in a short timeboxed period with minimal impact on day to day business.

User Interface Design

Web Application Design Web Application Design Considerations
An overview of things to consider when designing and developing enterprise web applications.

Applying Responsive Web Design to Business Applications
Ensure that business applications are ready for the transition from the desktop to the touch screen.

Content Focused, Mobile First & Responsive Web Design
Future proofing web design.


jQuery Responsive Table Plugin
A lightweight jQuery plugin which will add responsive behaviour to a HTML table.

Image Dialog Plugin
A lightweight jQuery plugin which will download a full size image and display it in a dialog style box.


GIMP Vignette Plugin
A GIMP plugin for creating a vignette effect, written in Python.


PowerShell Combine-Files.ps1
A flexible PowerShell script for combining multiple text based files into a single file.

A utility script for copying files and performing a find replace.

Microsoft.NET Articles

The Code Project Articles posted at: The Code Project

Add Responsive Behaviour to a GridView in ASP.NET
A technique which ensures that an ASP.NET GridView displays nicely on small screen devices.

Show / Hide GridView Columns in ASP.NET
Give users the ability to show or hide GridView columns as they require.

Edit Individual GridView Cells in ASP.NET
Edit individual GridView cells without putting the entire row into edit mode.

Thumbnail Image Viewer Control for ASP.NET 2.0
A thumbnail image viewer control which downloads and displays the full size image in modal form using a floating div tag and javascript.

Static Data Helper (ASP.NET 2.0)
A helper class to manage static data for list controls with caching.

Clickable and Double Clickable Rows with GridView and DataList Controls (ASP.NET 2.0)
Handle single and double clicks with both the GridView and DataList Controls.
Also, use the ClientScript RegisterForEventValidation to register the events and avoid disabling event validation.

Configuring .NET 2.0 to recognise the BlackBerry browser
Version 2.0 of the .NET framework does not ship with a configuration file for the Blackberry browser, this article will show how to set one up.