declan bright

Guitar Pedal Board

As a casual amateur guitarist, I needed a low cost pedal board to create effects for rock and blues rock. This DIY board was built with a range of (mostly) affordable pedals, some purchased new, some second-hand, some built from kits.

Guitar Pedal Board

The Board

The base board was constructed from scrap pieces of timber. The sides are two wedge shaped pieces, angled so that the board tilts up from the floor at about twenty degrees. Four slats were screwed to the side pieces, spaced apart so that cables could be passed in between. After a quick sanding it was sprayed with a few coats of matt black paint.

Guitar Pedal Board - Side View

Heavy Duty Velcro was used to attached the pedals to the board. I had purchased 50mm but this was too wide, so I cut it down the middle into two 25mm strips, sticking the felt side to the wooden slats. Small strips of the hook side were used for the pedals. To improve adhesion, I heated up the glue with a hair-dryer before sticking them on to the base of each pedal.

The Pedals

The pedals are listing here in the order they are connected in the signal chain, starting at the bottom right of the board:

Power & Patching

Overall, a reasonably versatile pedal board which meets my needs, for now! In total, it probably costs less than one boutique pedal.

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